A Comprehensive Comparison of 21.5-Inch LCD Display Panels: Innolux, AUO, BOE, and HKC

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In the realm of LCD display panels, four prominent manufacturers, Innolux, AUO, BOE, and HKC, offer a range of 21.5-inch products. In this article, we will delve into the characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of each panel: M215HCA-LCB from Innolux, P215HVN01.2 from AUO, QV215FHM-N10 from BOE, and PC215CT01-1 from HKC. Through this comprehensive analysis, we aim to assist you in making an informed decision tailored to your specific requirements.

1. Innolux M215HCA-LCB

Innolux M215HCA-LCB

The M215HCA-LCB boasts a 21.5-inch diagonal a-Si TFT-LCD display with an integral WLED backlight system. Its key features include a wide operating temperature range, sRGB color gamut, low blue light compliance, and a 1000:1 contrast ratio. The panel offers a 60Hz refresh rate and a response time of 14ms. It is ideal for desktop monitor applications due to its impressive performance and 3-side borderless design.

2. AUO P215HVN01.2

AUO's P215HVN01.2 is another 21.5-inch a-Si TFT-LCD display panel with impressive features. The panel offers a wider color gamut of 74% NTSC, making it ideal for digital signage applications with vibrant and captivating content. The P215HVN01.2 provides a 3000:1 contrast ratio and a 13ms response time, ensuring a visually stunning experience for users.

3. BOE QV215FHM-N10

The QV215FHM-N10, a 21.5-inch diagonal a-Si TFT-LCD display from BOE, comes with a WLED backlight system and life exceeding 50K hours. It offers a 300 cd/m² brightness, a 1000:1 contrast ratio, and a 60Hz refresh rate. The panel supports 74% NTSC color depth and provides a symmetrical viewing angle, making it perfect for digital signage applications.

4. HKC PC215CT01-1

The PC215CT01-1 from HKC is a 21.5-inch a-Si TFT-LCD display panel tailored for desktop monitor applications. With a built-in 12-source chips driver IC, the panel offers an impressive 3000:1 contrast ratio and a swift 8ms response time. The PC215CT01-1 provides a 72% NTSC color depth, ensuring vibrant and accurate color representation.

Comparing Characteristics

The M215HCA-LCB and QV215FHM-N10 offer a 1000:1 contrast ratio, while P215HVN01.2 and PC215CT01-1 boast a higher 3000:1 contrast ratio, providing deeper blacks and richer colors.

AUO's P215HVN01.2 stands out with its wider 74% NTSC color gamut, making it an excellent choice for visually appealing content.

Innolux's M215HCA-LCB and HKC's PC215CT01-1 have swift response times of 14ms and 8ms, respectively, ensuring smooth motion handling.

BOE's QV215FHM-N10 features a symmetrical viewing angle, making it versatile for various display orientations.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of M215HCA-LCB:

Excellent color accuracy with 100% sRGB coverage.
Low Blue Light Compliance for reduced eye strain during prolonged usage.
TCO 8.0 compliance ensures eco-friendliness and energy efficiency.

Disadvantages of M215HCA-LCB:

Slightly lower brightness compared to BOE's QV215FHM-N10.
Slightly slower response time compared to PC215CT01-1.

Advantages of P215HVN01.2:

Wider 74% NTSC color gamut for vibrant visuals.
Impressive 3000:1 contrast ratio for deeper blacks.

Disadvantages of P215HVN01.2:

Slightly lower luminance compared to QV215FHM-N10.

Advantages of QV215FHM-N10:

Higher brightness and contrast ratio for enhanced visual impact.
Wide color gamut (74% NTSC) suitable for rich and vivid content in digital signage.
Longer backlight life (50K hours) ensures extended panel longevity.

Disadvantages of QV215FHM-N10:

Slightly lower sRGB coverage compared to M215HCA-LCB, which may affect color-critical tasks.
Response time of 17ms may show slight motion blur in fast-moving content.

Advantages of PC215CT01-1:

Swift 8ms response time for smooth motion handling.
High 3000:1 contrast ratio for vivid colors.

Disadvantages of PC215CT01-1:

Slightly lower color gamut compared to P215HVN01.2.


The Innolux M215HCA-LCB, AUO P215HVN01.2, BOE QV215FHM-N10, and HKC PC215CT01-1 are all impressive 21.5-inch LCD display panels, each catering to specific applications. For professional tasks demanding color accuracy and reduced eye strain, the M215HCA-LCB and P215HVN01.2 are excellent choices. On the other hand, if you seek captivating digital signage content with vibrant colors and versatile orientation, the QV215FHM-N10 and PC215CT01-1 stand out. Assess your needs and preferences to select the panel that best aligns with your requirements.
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